Back to School in World Language Class



Hey there! Welcome back to school! I am heading into my fourth week of school (in person!) I would like to share some important tools and routines that I use to set the stage and help the students to learn those common classroom directions and expressions in the target language.
I teach Spanish and French to students in pre-school through middle school!  Feel free to check out my Back to School Custom Category on my store!

Click above to download this FREE resource that I use on the first day of class with my older students to help set the stage and the tone of the year.  The Presentation is in English to be sure that the students know exactly what the rules and expectations for the class are.

Next, I Jump into the target language by teaching the rules and routines with these engaging Action Cards and Classroom Posters that provide the students with visuals and motions to help them retain the expressions quickly and effectively.

Task cards are a great way to be sure that the students are retaining the classroom directions and common expressions of the classroom routines.  This year, I have printed out a copy of the task cards for each student on regular computer paper and they cut out the cards and paste the top of each card into their interactive notebook.  They write the translation of the expression under the card.  A lot of them were very excited to take their notebooks home with them and study these.

For the older students, I set up a class on Quizlet and add the vocabulary to a set called "Classroom Routines" in the target language.  Quizlet is great because it has an audio component, so the students can practice at home.  Quizlet features games that the students enjoy to "study" their vocabulary words.

This would all work well for Virtual as well!

¡Desinfectante! Désinfectant!

This has become a new routine, I should say, a CONSTANT new routine of course that we implement into our classroom procedures.  I am a travel teacher this year and always carry my special Hand Sanitizer with these cute labels on my cart and the students never turn down a squirt.  Of course we use the target language when we talk about it!


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