Are you a Spanish teacher looking for engaging resources that will help your students to acquire the language naturally, read and write in Spanish, speak willingly and have fun all at the same time? You have come to the right place!  Here you will find an entire curriculum of Spanish resources for all times of the year and for a wide range of ages and levels.  Click on the image above and check out my shop or keep on reading for more advice!

In the Multilingual at Heart Spanish curriculum for young learners, you will find kid-friendly resources for children between the ages of 3-6.  According to research, this is the perfect age to introduce children to a second language.  The lessons in this curriculum are vibrant, colorful and thematic.  Children will learn in Spanish what they are learning about in English as well!  Each lesson contains circle time activities, a word wall, eye catching visual aids, songs, hands-on activities and art projects. Click on the image below to browse the Spanish Curriculum for Young Learners.

Are you looking for resources for children that are a little older? The Multilingual at Heart Elementary Spanish Curriculum is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 10.  These lessons immerse the children in Spanish in an authentic way, infusing the dazzling Hispanic culture into the lessons while teaching the children to read, write, sing, role play and converse in the language enjoyably!  Click the image below to explore the elementary Spanish curriculum.

If you are a middle school teacher teaching Spanish to children between the ages of 10 and 14, the Multilingual at Heart Spanish Curriculum for Middle School includes a wide variety of resources to build a solid foundation in Spanish; develop strong listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and conversational skills in the language while navigating the Spanish speaking world and Hispanic Heritage.  

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