Teaching a foreign language with love "in the time of Corona"


Are you teaching a foreign language right now during these very uncertain times? If you are, you might be teaching virtually or back in the classroom with a heap of restrictions and changes to your regular routine. I hear you! I am in the same boat.  I teach two foreign languages to grades pre-school - 6th in a small private school. Fortunately, we are back in the classroom! However, there are so many new rules, restrictions and routines that we need to follow; of course, to keep everyone safe!  There is also so much uncertainty as to how long we will get to continue to stay on campus.  My fingers are crossed that it will last all year long, but we still need to wait and see. Our number one priority and goal is to keep everyone healthy and safe!  We have been back for two weeks.  Although things are looking very different in our school and in each classroom, I truly feel that my students are off to a very good start!  As always, I began with introducing my students to the rules and routines of my foreign language class; however this year I included several new rules and routines.  I am so impressed by the students.  They have been very responsible following the directions and have been doing an awesome job staying in the foreign languages during class as well!

I'll share with you my rules and routines presentation.

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