Virtual Travel & Role Play for Spanish Class

Role playing in foreign language and ESL classes is an incredible strategy to help the students acquire and practice the target language in a natural way.  It's also a lot of fun for the students and for you!

I start by creating some authentic character puppets with names from the target culture.  Print them on card stock, laminate them and attach them to a popsicle stick.

Next, adapt the situation of the role play to the thematic unit that you are teaching about.  This is a great way to infuse culture into the teaching by including a backdrop such as a country or location where the role play is taking place.

Print out the lines on role play cards and pass them out to your students to allow them to take the role of a particular character.


If you are interested in trying Role Play out with your students in Spanish, you can download a set of Elementary role play characters and role play cards here HERE or a set of Middle School role play characters and role play cards here HERE

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