Welcome to my World Language Classroom!

Let’s start with my favorite part of my classroom, the café.

This interactive nook is decorated to resemble a typical Parisian

Café with a view of the Eiffel Tower.  The area is arranged intentionally

into the Spanish side and the French side.  The café boards list food

vocabulary in each language.

On the left side, you’ll notice the pretend food set-up like a Farmer’s

Market stand and organized by color.  Concrete objects are a critical piece of language acquisition. 

    Role play is a favorite among my students, especially when it involves food. We act out restaurant scenes completely in the target language.

 Notice the role-play tags and menus on the wall in each language as

well as the fun props such as chef’s hats, aprons, and lots

of cooking utensils.

Now let’s move over to the circle time carpet. The circle time routine is especially important for the youngest 

children. We read stories, sing songs, dance, move and interact with the flannel board.  The map carpet is the focal point of the area and used often in classes of various grade levels.

Above this area is the travel board. Again, divided into

Spanish and French.  I weave culture into the language lessons and always start by teaching the students where the languages are spoken in the world.

The window sill is a busy spot where the folder holders

store the students’ work.  This is also where the puppets and many different types of authentic materials are displayed.

My desk is a bit crowded, but filled with meaningful souvenirs from

my many trips.  There are also quite a few special

gifts on show as well.  Everyone knows I love calaveras! They double very nicely as marker and supply containers.

The presentation attached to the desk exhibits the many places

Where Spanish and French are spoken throughout

the world.

Next to the café is the bakery with the bakery board above it.

Mini clipboards with boxes filled with restaurant checks,

grocery lists and bakery ordering sheets are on hand

in Spanish and French.

The interactive whiteboard is set at the front of the classroom

to demonstrate interactive presentations, videos,

and lessons.

The supplies all have custom labels in Spanish and

French to help the students learn the words for the objects of the

classroom and materials quickly.

Finally the World Language Classroom library is off to the side below the fabulous mural of Paris.

Spanish books are situated in the left book case and the French

ones are on the right side.

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