A Virtual Tropical Vacation


We can’t actually travel
right now,
so let’s do it virtually! 

1. Choose a destination

2. Set up the music, sounds and VR video on your device

3. Choose an ambience simulation

4. Add a few extravagant optional details

5. Let go. Let your imagination run WILD and be on your way!

Indulge all 5 senses

You want to SEE the vacation

You want to HEAR the vacation

You want to TASTE the vacation

You want to SMELL the vacation

You want to FEEL the vacation

1. Choose a Destination

1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora Virtual Tour

2. Fiji

Fiji Virtual Tour and Meditation

3. Hawaii

Hawaii Relaxing Virtual Tour

4. Bahamas

Bahamas Virtual Tour (Pearl Island)

5. Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef Virtual Tour

6. Seychelles

Seychelles Virtual Beach Tour

7. Maldives

8. México

Virtual Sunset Horseback Ride in Cabo San Lucas

9. Costa Rica

10. Grenada

Get Ready!

Now that you know where you’re going, tsee this miraculous vacation, and honestly feel like it is real and you are there, Virtual Reality goggles will do the trick. I recommend

the google Cardboard VR goggles which are under $10 on Amazon. You can slip your smartphone right into the cardboard goggles and you will have escaped reality!

Otherwise, just enjoy the virtual video tour on your smart phone or tablet.

Set the Tone

Now for the full effect, you will need some soothing and immersive background sounds.

Waves Crashing

Calming Beach Sounds

Soothing Island Music

Stimulate your taste buds

Taste is just as important as anything! Remember, you’re on vacation! Splurge and make yourself a tropical fruit smoothie to sip on as you lie back and enjoy paradise.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Combine orange juice, water, fresh mango chunks, 

pineapple chunks, raspberries, and coconut extract in a food processor or blender.

Top with additional fruit and coconut sprinkles if desired.

Tropical Pineapple Smoothie

 Combine 2 sliced bananas, 1 cup frozen mango,

1 cup frozen pineapple and 2 cups coconut water*

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Choose an ambience simulation

You have arrived at your tropical destination;  

what would you like to do first?

1.) Float along in an infinity pool in an exclusive resort with

the mood lifting beat of an island serenade in the background

2.) Bask in the sun on the beach with your toes in the sand and the 

soothing sound of waves crashing in the distance

3.) Swim in the ocean and allow all of your cares 

to be carried away by the salty breeze and gentle waves

To feel like you are truly on a tropical vacation, you need to simulate your destination in the comfort of your own home.  There are many ways to do this.  I will give three examples. I’d love to see comments of other ideas, so feel free to leave them!!!

 Simulation #1Float along in an infinity pool 

Set-up a baby pool right in the backyard (unless of course you are lucky enough to have a pool at your home), then by all means grab

a float and go to town.  If you don’t, an inflatable pool works great. This is the one that I have in my backyard. 

This one is 120" X 72" X 22"  so there is plenty of room and you can even relax on a float in it. Turn on the island music and apply a tropical smelling suntan lotion. Once you are in the pool, dry your hands off on the towel and grab those VR Goggles. Be careful not to get them wet! Set out on your adventure and fill your head with the visualizations of your incredible vacation, sip your tropical smoothie, feel the sun shining on your face, listen to the sounds of the crashing waves in the distance, breathe in the scent of the lotion and believe you are away in an exotic location, floating along the infinity pool not far from the ocean; recharging your batteries and giving you a relaxing break from reality.

Simulation #2Bask in the sun on the beach

Grab a yoga mat or beach blanket and lay it down in your backyard.  Fill a rectangular tray with some sand. (You can even use kinetic sand.)  Sprinkle as much sand as you’d like onto your mat.  You could even just do a little on the bottom and over your feet.  You can place the tray on the bottom of your mat and bury your feet in the sand.

Make sure you have the beach sounds or crashing waves playing in the background, rub on the suntan lotion or oil, grab the VR goggles and dream! 

Simulation #3: Swim in the Ocean

Set-up a bubble bath get away in your bathroom!

Put on your soothing background sounds and start out with running the bath water, setting it to the exact temperature you are after and pouring in some bath salt.  

Aqua therapy dead sea salt in Ocean scent will not only simulate the sea, but it will soften and revitalize your skin!

Pour in the bubble bath simultaneously

 stirring the bubbles around.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Bath & Body Works! They have amazing scents.  This one will take you straight to the Bahamas or wherever you’d like to go!

 The scent consists of Palm Leaves,

 Coconut Water, Bergamot Splash, Jasmine Petals, 

Fragipani, Coconut Chips, Salty Amber,

 White Must and Raw Sugar Cane.  

Spray some of the sea salt mist in your hair and over the bath.  Spritz the bathroom with the perfume. Get into the bath and lather your body with the sea salt exfoliating scrub.

If you like everything to match perfectly, you could go for a set.  

This one is called Heavenly Ocean bliss.

This set contains a Shower Gel, Bubble Bath,

 Body Lotion, Bath Salt, Body Scrub, 2 Ducky Soap Bars, 

and an Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber.  

This gift package is available on amazon for a little over $20. 

Ocean Bliss Home Spa Collection

If you really want to go all out; the Beach collection by Michel Design works is pricey, but PARADISE!

I would recommend the fizzy beach bomb, the 

foaming Beach bubble bath which brings compelling 

marine notes with hints of bergamot, amber, and 

watermelon, and the beach candle and 

the beach room spray to set the ambience.

Don’t forget to use a tropical shampoo.  I prefer the coconut splash shampoo by Philosophy.

 OGX makes a coconut milk shampoo available in Target for much less!

That's it!

I hope that this will put your mind at ease and afterwards, feel like you just got back from an island vacation. 

I know it’s not easy right now friends,

I wish you all the best this coming school year from the bottom of my heart!

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Check back for my next post on how I take my students on virtual trips around the world without leaving the classroom! This can be done in the classroom and through distance learning!

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Let’s be there for one another and make 2020 a little more fun. J

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