Offline Activities for Distance Learning

Offline Activities

 Distance Learning Resources

for the Elementary School


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Scavenger Hunts

    You can assign your students to go on indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts for almost any vocabulary theme. You can create a checklist and engaging activities that go along with your theme.

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Graphs are so much fun and can be used for so many different themes or topics in the foreign language classroom. You could have your students graph their favorite ice cream flavors; you could do a graph activity based on a book such as The Hungry Caterpillar or have them graph the weather for a week.  This way they can be busy offline and then have something to share when you meet again virtually. These can take some time to create, Check out some of my graph activities on my store!

nForeign Language Graphing Activitiest

                   Label Making    

    Label making again is an activity that you can assign students for different themes or topics in the foreign language classroom. You could have your students label parts of their house; or foods, colors or flavors.  The labels will help them to retain the words as they see them all the time. Feel free to Check Out my label making activities on my store!

Have your students create a puppet, give it a name in the target language and practice the words and expressions they are learning at home offline! Then, they can bring their puppet to the next virtual session! Please check out my puppet making activities on my store!

sSpanish Puppet Making Activity and Greetings Lesson

 Counting Practice        

    Keep your students counting in the target language! You could provide them with a template and have them write a number on each one.  Make it fun by using butterflies or tacos! For the classroom, you can laminate these and stick magnetic tape on the back and play a lot of interactive hands-on games with the students! Check Out out my counting activities on my store!


 Counting Practice   

    Older students enjoy this activity a lot!  Give the students a list of vocabulary and expressions and a particular theme or topic.  Have them come up with names for their characters and write lines out for each character.  They could record their dialogues on or seesaw and submit them to you.  You could have them share their dialogues during a zoom session as well!

"I Spy"

    Teach the students how to say “I spy” or “I see” in the target language and create a checklist for items.  They could be things for the students to look for outside or inside.  This could be color words, insects, animals, nature items, shapes, family members or even clothing vocabulary!


    Have your students fill out a “Favorites” poster that depicts their favorites of many different categories.  In one of my classes, I had the students print the blank poster out. *If they didn’t have access to a printer, I told them to bring a blank piece of paper and a pencil to our zoom class.  There were 4 or 5 favorites on the poster.  Each student had a chance to answer each favorite question.  This gave them the opportunity to ask how to say new vocabulary words.  For an older class, I assigned it as an at-home activity.  The students had to try their best to answer the questions on their own.  When they shared them during our zoom class, we talked about correct vocabulary words and I had the opportunity to provide the students with plenty of praise! 

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Poem Reciting

    I LOVE poetry units with my students in foreign language class! One great idea during this quarantine was to teach a unit on descriptive adjectives.  You can provide your students with adjectives that describe people.  In Spanish and French, there are many adjectives that pair well and rhyme well.  Let your students be creative and come up with a poem that describes a family member or friend.  Make sure you provide them with the structure of the verb “to be.”

    Another idea during this time would be to write a poem about nature or things for which we can be grateful.

                Family Interviews

    Come up with a series of questions in the target language for your students to interview their family members.  My students love this because they have to translate the questions for their family members into English.  They should try to translate the answers into the target language as well.  This is another activity that could be recorded on or seesaw.

                Story Writing

    Children of all ages love writing stories! For any particular theme or topic, you could provide students with a list of vocabulary words or expressions.  Allow them to spend sometime outside if the weather is nice and help them gather some inspiration.  Tell them to take a few blank sheets of paper and fold them to create a book.  Depending on the age and level of the students in the target language, you could have them write only one word or one line per page.  Older students could write more.  Make sure they illustrate their stories.  This is a wonderful sharing activity during a zoom or virtual class or meeting.  This could take up more than one class!

                Nature Walk

    Let your students have time outside to explore. Create a checklist of vocabulary with images to allow your students to find these items outside and practice using the target language to identify them.  Another idea is to teach directions such as “continue straight,” “go left,” “go right” and have your students write a set of directions in the target language and follow them.  This could be an indoor or outdoor activity.

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  Menu Creation

    If you are teaching your students a unit on food vocabulary or nutrition, creating menus is a really fun activity for students.  You could provide them with a template or allow them to create something completely on their own.  They could even come up with their own restaurant, give it a title and a location.  Sharing these virtually or in-person is super fun! You could have the students share their menus during one class and then role play a restaurant scene having students order from each other’s menus during the next class!

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