Classroom "Pick me" Sticks ~ Pencil Craft for Name Selection


Classroom "Pick me" Sticks 

Pencil Craft for Name Selection

This fun back-to-school-prep craft is easy to make, but will surely be a special detail that your students will love and appreciate!! 

"There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details." Walt Disney 

Start with large popsicle sticks and cut the tip in a triangular shape with sturdy scissors.

Next paint the sticks with acrylic paint.  I used bright yellow, bright pink, metallic silver and then colored the point with a black permanant marker. *I painted the back of each craft stick as well.

Next I printed the names of the students onto clear, transparent labels.  I used the coordinating Avery template to type the names in and printed the labels out, cut them and applied them onto the sticks.

 This craft helps to make choosing students for activities and selecting names so much easier! These could be used for oral activities, pairing, games and so much more!

Using the transparent labels allows the sticks to be re-usable year after year...

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