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The Perfect Teacher Planner

Teachers have a tough job! There is so much to plan, organize, coordinate, and manage! In order to tackle all of these demands, I believe it is super important to have "THE PERFECT" Teacher Planner.  I have been teaching for 12 years now, and I could NEVER find a planner that matched all of my needs, which is why I went ahead and created my own.  I didn't stop there though. :) I had so many teachers compliment and inquire about my custom planner, I went on to create other versions of it to suit their needs.  I believe that just like different teachers have different teaching styles, they also have different planning and organizational needs.  In this blog post, I am going to show you how to create your own custom Teacher Planner!  Here we go!

    Lesson Plan Templates

First, you should decide on which type of template works best for you.  In my Custom Planner kit that is available HERE, there are four different versions of planner templates.  One version works great for general classroom teachers.  Another is designed to meet the needs of an early education teacher.  The third is perfect for specials teachers who teach multiple grades or levels.  Lastly, there is a basic version that could work well for an administrator or as a personal planner.
Each of the templates in my custom planner kit are available in color and black & white and are 100% editable.  I created my templates in Powerpoint using tables that delineate the times, subjects and give enough space to write or type in the lesson plans.  This is a personal preference that will vary among teachers. If you don't have the time to design your own template, consider purchasing my affordable Custom Planner all set and ready for you to go in and edit and customize!  

Teacher Planner | EDITABLE Digital & Printable Binder | Custom Design&Templates

Digital Version

A new and exciting way to plan your classes and school year is to go completely DIGITAL!
Some teachers love planning even right from their ipads or phones! For many teachers now, going paperless, planning directly in Google Drive and leaving their weekly plans up on display with quick & cute drag & drop digital stickers to give the plans an extra dose of happy is the only way to go! 

Are you ready to try that? You can check out my Editable Printable & Digital Custom Planner Kit here and make the absolute perfect planner that works just right for you!  It is a one-time purchase and will solve all of your planning needs for life! You could manage a personal planner digitally and print out a beautiful custom Teacher Binder that is ready for you to begin lesson planning right away! Once you are done with this school year's planner, you can update and re-print or re-create a brand new one for next year for FREE!!!


In my Editable Printable & Digital Custom Planner Kit, there are 140 different designs to choose from to customize the cover and sections of the planner! Not only are there 140 various designs, but there are 15 beautiful themes within those 140 designs.  

Let's say you are a science teacher and you would like your whole teacher planner to have a Nature theme.  You would browse the designs in the file, scroll to the Nature theme and then you can edit and customize each design to work for different parts of your binder.  One would be the cover, another would be a section divider that states Calendars, another could be the header of your weekly lesson plans, another could be the header of all of your classroom & organizational forms, another could be the header of your student information section.  The possibilities are endless which is why I call it a CUSTOM PLANNER KIT!

If you would like to preview all of the 150+  designs before purchasing this planner, check out this video preview by clicking on the Video Thumbnail below. 

Add-ons, Classroom & Organizational Forms

Lesson Planning Templates

In addition to your weekly planning templates, there are many other essentials to include in your Teacher Binder.  While writing out your weekly plans is good, long-term planning is another important habit to get into as a teacher.  Curriculum mapping is a good way to do this.   This is basically at-a-glance monthly planning where you map out your curriculum and learning goals for your students for the whole year.  This also allows you to implement backwards design into your lesson plans.  This is basically where you determine the learning objectives and figure out exactly what you want your students to achieve, learn and be able to do and then plan backwards by creating the lessons and steps necessary to accomplish the objectives.

Calendars & Organizational Forms

Staying organized throughout the school year is imperative!  Record all of the upcoming events, due dates, meetings, conferences, appointments, and special occasions in one place.  

Classroom Forms & Information Trackers & Rosters

Putting Your Teacher Planner Binder Together

There are many options when it comes to putting your planner together.  The simplest way is to use a 3 ring binder.  Each design in my CUSTOM PLANNER KIT! comes with binder spines in 4 different sizes to work with any size binder.
The option that is becoming very popular among teachers now is to use the Arc System. I use the Staples Arc Desktop Paper punch which is available on Amazon: 
I also use the discs for binding that are part of the Arc System and come in various colors.

The desktop puncher punches 11 slits into the side of the paper and can punch about 8 pages at a time.  The discs slip right into the slits to turn it into a spiral bound binder.  It is easy to remove or add pages, cover, and dividers into the planner at any time.  I print out all of my pages on heavy-weight computer paper.  I print the cover on cardstock and laminate it.  For my dividers I use the Discbound Divider Tabs:

If you are ready to start creating your perfect Teacher Planner ~ Click this link to access the complete CUSTOM PLANNER KIT! I would love to hear from you and see your final Teacher Planner!

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Thanks so much for reading this post to the end! 

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